Writing Coaching

If you’re here, I don’t need to tell you how tough breaking into this industry can be. Enlisting your family and friends as beta readers might give you a nice confidence boost, but if you really want to develop as a writer, you need some impartial advice.

Now, I am a debut author and am can by no means guarantee you a three-book deal at a Big Five publishing house. What I can offer you is objective thoughts on your book’s voice, plot, structure, and character development, (along with whatever areas you want me to concentrate on), and I can deliver it in a way that is professional and helpful without crushing your dreams.

If you’re looking to publish traditionally, unless you are best friends with Stephen King or your aunt is a top editor at Random House, you’re going to need an agent. And to get an agent, you’re going to have to (groan) go through the query process. Thats’ where my writing and marketing background come in handy!

Packages and Pricing:
All packages include a free initial consultation!

Query Letter and Synopsis Critique – Even the best book won’t be traditionally published without stand-out query materials to snag an agent. You know your book better than anyone, so with this package I am simply reviewing your materials and providing suggestions to make them professional, polished, and engaging.

Price: $50 for a query letter or 1-page synopsis, $80 for both
$100 for a query letter and longer synopsis (up to 3 pages)

First Fifty Pages Review – Since these are the first pages an agent will read, you’ll want to make sure they’re impossible to put down. I’ll read the beginning of your book and help you hone it so you can get more full MS requests from the agents you want to work with.

Price: $150

Full Manuscript Review – I’ll read your entire novel and give you detailed feedback on voice/style, plot structure, character development, and whatever else you want to work on.

Price: $500

General Coaching – Are you brand new to the publishing world and don’t know what steps to take or what to expect? Or are you stuck at a certain stage in the “pursuit” and not sure how to proceed? Let’s meet for a cup o’ joe (tea for me, please. Wine’s okay, too.) and see if we can get you moving.

Price: $50/1-hr session

Custom Package – Your needs are not one-size fits all. Maybe you want a coaching session and a quick query letter review. Or you want to practice pitching before you head to a conference. Or maybe you want to engage in regular coaching sessions on the business or the craft but also need your first 50 pages review. Let’s discuss your needs, and I’ll provide you a customized quote we both feel excited about.