Early Reactions to Friends and Liars

Hey all! Boy has June been a crazy month. First I officially became a published author when Friends and Liars was released in the U.K., then my husband and I headed off to Europe for our honeymoon/1-year anniversary for two weeks. Suddenly my life sounded terribly glamorous, didn’t it? (Don’t be too jealous, as incredible an experience our trip was, the reality of three countries in two weeks results in a lot of physically unappealing side effects I just won’t go into here).

Anyway, in case you missed it, in London Randy and I ducked into EVERY. SINGLE. BOOKSTORE. we saw in search of Friends and Liars, and we finally found it in Foyles on Charring Cross road:


The next day, I had lunch with Sara O’Keeffe, Susannah Hamilton, and Kirsty Doole, the team at Corvus in charge of birthing Friends and Liars into the world. We had a fabulous lunch and then headed back to their office, where they toasted my book with champagne and I signed books and it was wonderful, surreal, and completely disarming all at once. I wish I had snapped photos, especially because it was one of those “Is this really happening? To ME?” kind of moments, that I’m still half convinced it was all a dream.

Also while I was gone, a bunch of people read (and seemed to really like) the book. Here is some preliminary publicity:


Cover to Cover
Culturefly (20 Essential Summer Reads)
Liz Loves Books
The Bookbag
The Very Pink Notebook
The Chicklit Club

Interviews/Guest Posts:
Shaz’s Book Blog (Q&A with me)
We Heart Writing (my guest post about editing)

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention what has been the most important reactions to my book, which are those of the people who I based Friends and Liars characters on. I won’t mention them by name, but their enthusiastic support of the book, (especially given the events of the book, which ARE, I must reiterate, completely fictional) took me by surprise. I set out to write a book about unconditional friendship, the kind that lasts through hardships and distance and major life changes, and here I am still learning how truly strong those bonds can be. So to these people, and to all of you who have read and championed the book so far, all I can say, even though this seems terribly inadequate, is THANK YOU. Thank you so much.

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